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Frank Steven Weir

13347 Berlin                       

(030) 321 5659

(030) 321 5659

0174 7948739
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Masters Major in History (Graduated in 2000, Final Mark:1.1)  FU Berlin

Minors in: Education, Sociology, North American Literature   FU Berlin

High School Teaching Diploma   Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Can.

TESOL Certificate   Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, Canada

Courses Completed in: Presentation Skills, Intercultural Communication, Conflict Management, NLP, Psychodrama,  MBTI and Enneagram Models, Professional Communication Techniques,  Transactional Analysis, Learning Psychology and Memory Methods,  Theatrical Skills, Supervision,  IQ und EQ Models, Group Dynamics Processes, Quadrinity Process, EST, Linguistics, Meditation and Yoga, Course Evaluation, Didactics, ‘Familie Aufstellung’
 Major Areas of Focus:

-Presentation and Image-Development Skills, Creative Trouble Shooting

-Intercultural and Interpersonal Communication, Positive Thinking Skills

-Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Personality Awareness

-Time, Mind, Resources and Energy Management, Motivational Training

 Specific Topics

Team Building, Facilitating Meetings and Teleconferences, Effective Presentations, International Negotiations (Cross-Cultural Awareness), MBTI, Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, Concentration and Memory Techniques
 Coaching Approach Co-Active and Pro-Active Interaction, Build Rapport/Trust, Identify Needs/Goals/Ideals, Establish Resource Parameters, Intuit Potentials and Contradictions, Elicit Insights, Employ Diplomatic Approach and Positive Reinforcement, Clarify Tactical and Strategic Challenges, Set Concrete Targets and Mechanism for Assessment, Implement Creative Methods to keep Improvement Process Moving Forward, Utilize Feedback and Assessment of Progress Strategies, Inspire, Encourage and Build on Success (Coaching Sessions held in English or German)
 Language Skills: English (first language), German (very good), French (fluent), Russian (fluent), Spanish (intemediate) Language Basics: Latin (Latinum Minor), Esperanto, Turkish, Thai
 Fee: flexible

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